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Legal Counsel is one of the leading law chambers’ in Bangladesh founded in 2009. Located at the heart of Dhaka City, Legal Counsel is best known for its highest level of professionalism, efficiency and quality of works. It is a ‘full-service corporate law’ chambers with strong holds in both legal advisory services and court proceedings. Its clients cover a wide horizon of sectors and are based in 30 countries over 6 different continents. Legal Counsel also has strong professional network with reputed law firms around the world.

Key Lawyers: 

Barrister Omar Khan is a partner and the head of the Chambers. He is a very energetic and hard-working lawyer, who has already put his mark in the contemporary legal arena of Bangladesh. He came from a family, which has always cherished the social, cultural and educational values in their hearts. He has an excellent academic record all through his educational life and he participated in uncountable number of competitions and championships of different kinds with flying colours. In his professional life, he along with the help of his associates have been able to render legal services to his clients to their greatest satisfaction. He has made remarkable progress in his career with the continuous support from his growing client base. He has pioneered the modern corporate law practice in Bangladesh. He has been regularly conducting corporate workshops and trainings on different contemporary legal topics. He has been serving clients based in over 30 countries from 6 continents. He is equally contributing to the commercial as well as development sector though his effortless legal services. He is maintaining a column namely ‘Your Advocate’ in the most circulated and reputed English daily in Bangladesh, namely, the Daily Star. His research works are published on international journals and [resented in international conferences.

Barrister Miti Sanjana is an partner of the Chambers. She is a soft-spoken admirable personality. She has come from a highly cultural oriented family and developed her personal values accordingly. She has been highly applauded by her clients for her timely legal services with excellence. Prior to the formation of the partnership, she was running the Chambers as the sole proprietor. While her principal focus is on banking and property laws, she has also been working very closely for furtherance and development of the socials causes, gender equality, women empowerment etc. She also practices on family law based on Muslim law and Hindu Law and deals with marriage, divorce, custody, cross religious marriages etc. She regularly writes in different national dailies on legal and social issues.

Barrister Moshfeque Rizvi is Partner (Development) of the Chambers.  He has interests covering the breadth of commercial, industrial and chancery matters, with specific interests in banking, insurance, capital markets, inward-investment and FDI, foreign incorporations including in the UK, UAE Free Zones and other offshore centres. He has expertise in large scale project finance, raising debt finance from international lenders and private equity investment; coordinating investment banking teams, borrower due diligence and regulatory oversight. Also, he has interests in multi-asset wealth management solutions for HNWIs.

Other Notable Lawyers:

  • Advocate A T M Golam Gous
  • Ms. Rabiya J. Firoz
  • Ms. Afrin Jahan Khan
  • Mr. M. Salauddin Hassan
  • Mr. Ishtiak Abdullah
  • Ms. Nuzhath Islam
  • Ms. Atmaja Bhattacharjee Swarna
  • Ms. Anthonia Costa Bannya

Pro-Bono Activities:

Legal Counsel is also proud of its Pro Bono activities. It has done 1,205 working hours of pro-bono legal work in the year of 2019, which comprises of 65 newspaper publications and interviews, 3 journal publications, 35 TV interviews, and bi-weekly legal columns in the newspapers, The Daily Star and The Daily Observer. Further responsible for the development of the entire Law Page at the Dhaka Tribune. Legal Counsel’s Pro Bono activities also include the publication of a book called the “Legal Stories of Life”.

  • Legal Stories of Life is authored by the managing partner of Legal Counsel, Barrister Omar H. Khan. It contains solutions to real-life legal problems of people from various backgrounds on diverse issues, which the author has termed as “stories”. This Book provides an enthusiastic and necessary insight, without any legal jargon, into various problems encountered by the people of Bangladesh. The vividly written replies to real-life stories make the book a very interesting read. This book has already received great reviews locally and internationally. While the book is available at different book stores, Legal Counsel is also distributing the book to different organizations free of cost, with a view to create legal awareness amongst the people of Bangladesh. The author is doing talks at different national and international forums, most recently in the “8th Asia Pro Bono Conference” held in Kathmandu Nepal. The Vice Chancellor of University of Dhaka has termed the book as a “unique law book” in the world. For details please visit:

Address: Legal Counsel, B4 (Level-2), House, Momtaz Vision, 11/A Rd 99, Dhaka 1212

Phone : +880-2-8835174, +880-2-8835175, +880-2-8835176.



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