Best Lawyers in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Top 10 Law Firms in Dhaka
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  • Tier One
    • Dr. Kamal Hossain & Associates, Law Chambers
      • Notable for its administrative law department.
      • One of the oldest law firms in Bangladesh.
    • Doulah & Doulah, Law Firm in Dhaka
      • Notable for its Shipping & IP departments
      • Clients generally rate their specialized legal services highly.
    • Bangladesh Law Partners BDLP, Lawyers in Dhaka
      • Notable for its Dispute Resolution & Commercial Law department.
      • A new generation law firm with an experienced team of lawyers in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
    • Bepary & Bepary IP, IP Lawyers in Dhaka
      • Notable for its IP department.
      • Highly regarded for its intellectual property practice.
  • Tier Two
    • Jural Acuity, Law Firm in Dhaka
      • Notable for its licensing department.
      • Sakib Sikder is regarded highly by his clients.
    • S Hossain & Associates , Lawyers in Dhaka
      • Notable for its licensing department.
      • 4.2 Stars based on Google Reviews.
    • Syed Istiaq Ahmed & Associates , M&A Lawyers
      • Notable for its energy & infrastructure work department.
      • Founded by Barrister Istiaq Ahmed, a leading jurist.
  • Tier Three
    • Shakhawat & Associates
    • MRI Chowdhury & Associates
    • Lawyers & Jurists
  • Other Notable Firms
    • Legacy Legal Corporate
    • Mahbub & Company
    • FM Associates
    • Azad & Company
    • DFDL Law Firm in Dhaka
    • OGR Legal
    • Advocacy Legal
    • Accord Chambers

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